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06 Jan

WELCOME TO THE LEGAL JUNGLE OF PEOPLE POWER MISSION 2021 REVOLUTION: THE NEW UGANDA BY BALLOT OR BY BULLET.THIS MESSAGE IS FOR UGANDANS AND FRIENDS OF UGANDA.WARTIME:1) Tibuhaburwa Museveni And His Family Are In Control Of The State Machinery.  Muhoozi Kayinerugaba And his SFC Are Directing All Government Illegal Orders To Byabakama And Electoral Commission.2) THE GENERAL ELECTIONS 2021 HAVE BEEN CANCELLED. THE FINAL ORDER WILL BE MADE IN A FEW DAYS BY THE ELECTORAL COMMISSION.4) MUSEVENI AND HIS FAMILY ARE PLANNING TO ARREST ALL THE   OPPOSITION FIGURES SHORTLY AND PUT THE NATION ON FULL LOCKDOWN INDEFINITELY. 5) THE UGANDA FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC FRONT [U.F.D.F.] IS MONITORING THE SITUATION ON THE GROUND AND WILL KEEP YOU POSTED ACCORDINGLY.6) "Museveni Yoweri Rutabaisirwa does not have any mandate to preside over our country, Uganda nor represent us, and therefore, must be executed immediately and whoever deals with him does so on his / her own. All allies of Museveni are not only enemies of peace or humanity, but also accomplices in his crimes against humanity and mother nature – and so are enemies of Uganda, the oppressed and suffering people of the Great Lakes region. "UGANDANS SHOULD BE PREPARED FOR BLOODY WAR UNTIL MUSEVENI AND HIS FAMILY ARE ALL REMOVED FROM POWER BY FORCE. Commander, BRIG. GEN. SEGUJJA JOSEPH PATRICK.UGANDA FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC FRONT [U.F.D.F.]STAY SAFE. IT'S THE END GAME - As UFDF, our mission remains unaltered and the Grand Finale is around the corner.